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Here you will find all of our products currently for sale, as well as descriptions of each item.

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The bag of bugs is full of copepods, amphipods, worms, mini starfish, and much more.

This includes two bags that can be put directly in the tank, the refugium, or both. I cannot tell you how much fun I have when watching these bugs lay eggs, hatch, and to be able to pass the bounty onto you is a dream come true.

Saltwater Mollies

We have been raising saltwater mollies. They are so tough, yet so sweet.

They are always hungry, funny, very hardy, and the best all-around janitor for eating any leftover speck of algae our janitors might miss.

All of our Mollies have been born in saltwater and are a sure must when fighting algae problems.

Email us for up-to-date pricing on these amazing fish!

My Mollies are famous for coming right up to your hand and giving you Molly kisses.

At this time, over 1,000 mollies have left GARF to embark on their new journey to provide you with tons of love and hard work bringing a smile to the hearts of their new caregiver.

We recommend 1 Molly per every 5 gallons of tank water.

Garf Grunge

We use two types of grunge in each reef. In the main tank, Garf Grunge Original™ is used.

In new tanks, we use one pound for every 3 gallons. We also use it to revitalize old tanks, and we add one pound for every 5 gallons of water.

Garf Grunge Original™ has the world’s best strains of bacteria sponges and micro invertebrates.

We have been working for years to build a product that has a very good track record.

Many people reorder and seventy percent of our orders are repeat customers.

We thank all of them for their support! The Garf Grunge Original™ is the most important one to add when you are starting a new tank.

It is a small gravel size, and it is full of very beneficial bacteria, coralline, and micro invertebrates.

Garf Grunge Plus™ consists of larger particles about the size of walnuts down to thumbnail size and it is harvested from the older tanks.

Garf Grunge Plus™ contains more of the small invertebrates such as worms, Copepods, Amphipods, and many others such as Brittle stars.

Garf Grunge Plus™ is used to create a cryptic zone in the existing aquarium. This is done by piling the Garf Grunge Plus™ in a back corner.

Garf Grunge Plus is the finest thing to add to seed the refugium.

This product has been extremely popular and it does a great job of creating a small hiding place called the cryptic zone in the main tank and in the sump.

Sally Jo's Coral Special

You can buy Sally Jo's soft coral special with eight hardy corals for only 100.00 plus shipping and handling, this will give you a great start for a Xenia farm of your own.

These are all hardy corals and ready for a good home. Sally Jo will pick the corals that go into this special.

If you would like to choose which coral you would like, the price of this will be 4 corals for 100.00 plus shipping and handling.

Reef Janitor Packages.

We have janitor packages for all sizes and shapes of tanks. These include Saltwater Hermit crabs and Saltwater snails.

For more information on these products, or to place an order, please email us at Sallyjogarf.org and we will be happy to send you an invoice through PayPal. --