We have been adding new bacteria to our Garf Grunge™ since we started making Garf Grunge™ in 1972 in Leroy's first marine fish store. We were 40 miles from the Mountain Home Air Force Base, and we needed to set up 55 gallon reefs for the Air Men who came to Boise on the first of each month.

We maintained a marine tank with Lion fish and a Clown Trigger Fish in the base's enlisted mens club. Many of our customers wanted a tank like that in their rooms. They would come to Tropical Fish World on State street in Boise to purchase their tanks. The only problem to solve was how to send every thing home on Sunday night so they could set up the tank in one day.

We solved the problem by sending them home with the gravel from our best systems. I tried many times to think of a new name for Grunge, but the name stuck:)

We have been adding new stuff to the Garf Grunge™ since then.