The students were busy with the projects, and they are producing more corals than they thought they would. They have been trading corals with members of other reef aquarium clubs. They think they need to have A GREAT WAY TO SELL CORALS.

start a tropicalfish store
start a reef aquarium store

The students are opening a new reef aquarium store in Mikie's garage. This reef aquarium store will start small, and then the students will grow it like a baby. They know that they will have to find a source of supplies and livestock. Small stores often can not purchase from large coral companies, because they only sell to larger stores who have been buying from them.

That is why it is often better to not buy from the places that the local stores buy from. When you find a new wholesale fish and supply source you will not have the same products the other stores stocks.

Mikie has been working at the nicest pet shop in his town, but they do not sell corals. They have been good friends to the students.

The big tropical fish store at the mall is buying the students aquarium stands. You also can learn how to make and sell aquarium stands and hoods. Some people think that any store like theirs will take away customers from them. The Frugal Reefer taught the students that the other stores can help them. The store in the mall also buys black Aragocrete sculptures that the students make. This store is owned by a family who owns an African Cichlid hatchery. When Mikie saw those fish he decided to make rocks for fresh water. The students learn how to make live rocks

The students try so hard to remain friends with all of the local fish stores, and it will pay them back in the future.

It is important to get the resale licenses you need from the city and state. The students will need a permit to have a small store in Mikies garage.

start a tropical fish store

The permit they received from their city allows them to have one sign and a store no larger than 500 square feet, but Mikies dream store keeps growing. They can have a store that is twenty feet wide and twenty five feet long. This is perfect, because Mikie will have room for his motercycle - another dream for later :)

See how many new things you can see in this new image that Mikie has added in his dream store. You can look at the first picture again. picture one

building tropical fish store

Mikie learned from the Grumpy Reefer that he could buy used almost everything they would need to start their tropical fish store. They placed a simple ad in the local paper that just said "we buy used aquariums" and they planned to pay $1.00 per gallon for tanks with lights.

Several people had more than one aquarium, and when they found out the aquariums were for the students they donated their aquariums. Mikie was very happy. Now Mikie could keep his $99.00 to be used for the other things they would need to start the tropical fish store.

 sell used aquariums
The store will continue to purchase and sell used aquariums. These aquariums and the other reef equipment will be cleaned up, repaired, and matched with a stand and hood.

The store will also sell some used reef aquariums that people want to sell at the store. The students will keep the prices low so many new people start a reef hobby.

One of the things the students are going to do in their store that is different from the other stores in their town is the sale of live food. Mikie is shipping in live adult Brine Shrimp each Tuesday. These are one of the best live foods for both fish and invertebrates.

 live brine shrimp

The frugal reefer taught the students that getting regular customers to visit the store each week will increase sales. The students will sell live brine shrimp Tuesday thru Friday and until noon on Saturday. After noon on Saturday they will give away portions of free brine shrimp until they run out. Most people in the area work in companies that pay each Friday. THIS IS THE BEST TIME TO HAVE THE CUSTOMERS COME TO THE STORE!

The brine shrimp that are left on Saturday will be given away, and this will empty the last adult shrimp tank.

The brine shrimp holding tanks can be cleaned and then the students will put in more fresh Aragocrete™. The new Aragocrete™ helps filter and buffer the shrimp water. The students replace the Aragocrete™ each week and they move the Aragocrete™ from the brine shrimp system to the corraline algae systems. The students move their Aragocrete™ several times during the curing process. When the Aragocrete™ sculptures are ready for sale they are the very best reef rocks to start a new reef aquarium.

Mikie has learned that fish can make up to 70 percent of a stores sales. Mikie knows a supplier who has many rare fish, so Mikie finds out what fish his customers are wishing to buy. When the new fish come in Saturday afternoon he gets ready for the stores mini auction. When the bags are unpacked they allow any customer to bid on the fish. The starting price is both fair and it covers the cost of the fish. Mikie remembers who bids on the fish, so he can get them a chance to purchase these fish next week. The auctions also helps set the retail price for the rare fish.

start a fish store
The store will stock live food everything from rotifers to ghost shrimp. Feeder fish are a product that will bring in customers each week. The students have found a source of feeders that allows them to sell their healthy feeders at the lowest price in town. Reef aquarium people like to feed green water and micro plankton, so the students are growing several types of microalgae.

They have learned to use the library and the internet to research any subject. They are learning how to grow reef products that have a good value and an increasing demand.


Reef aquarium

The frugal reefer taught the students how to grow many types of macro algae that are great food for fish that eat plants. These are the same algae that grow in the reef to clean the water. Several customers grow large clumps of these algae, and they are happy to donate it to the students.

Mikies dream is ready for us to share with everyone. You can start a small store, if you remember the most important rule Sally Jo teaches each new dreamer. DON'T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB

You can look at the first picture again. picture one Notice the floor :)

 macro algae