Care And Propagation of Xenia

This is Sally Jo. It is December 05, 2011 at 3:20 PM.

Wow its been quite along time since I have had the time to share my beautiful Xenias with everyone. We have worked extremely hard on sharing in detail everything we know on the care and propagation of these remarkable Xenias who have continued to capture my heart.

Please take the time to watch these videos for they will answer all of your questions and probably answer ones that you had not thought of yet.

I am very excited to announce that because of my passion for these animals I have brood stock Xenia that have been with me for over 16 years. I have several colonies ready to become your brood stock and provide you with countless years of propagation of many new generations of Xenia that you can share with the general public.

Get all these Xenia for 100.00

Use this page to purchase the PRODUCTS for your reef aquarium.

We use many types of grunge in each reef.

Garf Grunge Plus™ consists of larger particles about the size of walnuts down to thumbnail size and it is harvesteed from the older tanks.

Garf Grunge Plus™ contains more of the small invertebrates such as the worms, Copepods, Amphipods, and many others such as Brittle stars.

Garf Grunge Plus™ is used to create a cryptic zone in the existing aquarium. This is done by piling the Garf Grunge Plus™ in a back corner. Garf Grunge Plus™ is the finest thing to add to seed the refugeum. This product has been extremely popular and it does a great job of creating a small hiding place called the cryptic zone in the main tank and in the sump.

Learn more about GARF Grunge plustm

We use many types of grunge in each reef.

Our newest product is one of the most asked for things that we've had during the years and this is Garf Grunge Bright White™.

Garf Grunge Bright White™ is grown in our grunge tanks using a very fine aragonite sand. It fits really well with modern look of white gravel. There are still a lot of micro invertebrates, and an extremely large number of that bacteria. Garf Grunge Bright White™ has many strains that will not ship in the big bag live sand or wild sand. Garf Grunge Bright White™ is the newest product but it's very very popular, and we will be glad to help you with Your questions when you call.
We use many types of grunge in each reef.

Grunge Light Mud™ is the Best thing to add to mud filters and refugeums.

It consists very fine particles of our Grunge™. We collect it from the square corners of our grow out tanks.

These tanks are 6 foot across, and they have lots and lots of grunge and live sand moving through them. The grunge light from the corners is very small. and it works great in the mud filter or refugeum chamber. We've been shipping this product to people who are starting a refugeum, because the mud that they buy doesn't have anything alive, and there are lots of different organisms that thrive in very fine particulate mud.

We are selling a group of products called Garf Diversity&trade, and we will be posting the Garf Diversity™ packages for each size reef. You will get the Garf Grunge™, Garf Grunge Plus™l, and the Bag-o-macro Algae™free. You can also choose a live coralline covered live rock and any of Sally Jo's Bag-o-bugs™. These specials start at only 59.00 for a reef aquarium up to 27 gallons. Call LeRoy 800-600-6163 the first callers get the finest live rocks:)

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