This image shows how thick the stalk of this Bali Xenia grows. It is very firm and not at all like all other xenia. It seemed the more pictures we take of this animal the more hobbyist simply have to get their hands on her to put in their own personal collection. This of course is not a bad thing, however selling the very last one is a risk no one at GARF was willing to take.

Bali xenia cyanobacteria

You can collect many different types of Xenia and other corals. Trading is a good way to increase your brood stock, because you can trade your corals at the local stores for corals that you don't have. Some people enter their corals on craigslist and people call them.
This is something that didn't exist in the old days before 96. We just didn't have the Internet like it is today so everything was done in magazines and in person.

This is the Bali Xenia called VANILLA AND CHOCOLATE It is almost Purple in our SPS coral tanks.

pom pom xenia