We have been able to grow this Xenia by using netting. After the Xenia is attached to the plug we remove the netting We have found that the most deadly thing we can do to a colony of Xenia is to allow the temperature to get over 84 degrees. Even a short period of high temperature often causes the adult colonies to fall apart.

We have saved many Xenia colonies by treating them with extra SeaChem Reef Plus. When we cut these corals we always use from 3 to 6 times the regular dose of this product. We are certain that the amino acids supply needed nutrients and that the Iodine may also have an antiseptic effect.

We have found that these corals do very well when grown under VHO lighting. The water flow that works best for our Xenia production is supplied by having one of the power heads on a timer. We use two timers that have pins that can be pulled up so the pump is on every other other half hour.

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