Remember to use Xenia and other corals for Clown Fish hosts. This will help stop the harvest of wild anemones that the fish need in the wild.
clown fish clownfish host
I can still remember way back when I was convinced that it was not possible to keep Xenias in captivity. People did not understand how to ship them very well in 1995. Now I consider some of them weeds in my over grown flower gardens. LeRoy walks by my tanks weekly and says I need some more cuttings of your Xenias. Sometimes he walks by with an empty bowl pleading for corals for the poor:)

What a difference a few years makes. This is why we share in detail what we use to get this type of success. Honestly, on this very subject I have to give the Sea Chem?s Reef Plus the full credit for my success of being able to call something that was impossible to keep alive a weed. The recipe is shared countless times on our web site and has been used continuasly for over 10 years.

Duncan coral xenia
I am constantly surprised how fast they regenerate. At this time we have about 12 different types in stock, all captive raised. Some of them at least 3 dozen generations away from the original mother colony. This is what we think gives these animals even more value, for they have become domesticated, they ship better, they live better, and they thrive.

duncan xenia host