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Air lifts are safe for the reef; this is important because you don't want to damage the small invertebrates that are your growing in your tank.

We will 1 1/2" pvc pipe for these airlifts. Using a cutoff saw we cut the pipe at a 45 degree angle. These two parts will make the bend in the airlift. You also use a 90 degree elbow fitting. The elbows cost about $2.00 each. If you need very many airlifts this method of making your own 90 degree cuts will save money that is better used on other materials.

The short piece of pipe has a hole the size of the the small tube drilled as close to the cut end as possible. The small tube is cut with slots around the end of the pipe.

2partsThe oldest types of filters, the undergravel filters consist of a porous plate which is placed beneath the gravel on the base of the aquarium and one, or more, uplift tubes.

Undergravel filters are driven via air displacement. Some of them use air stones that are placed at the base of uplift tubes which force water out of the uplift tube creating negative pressure beneath the undergravel filter plate. Water then percolates down through the gravel which itself is the filtration material.

Greater flow rate of water through the gravel can be achieved via the use of water pump rather than air displacement.
Beneficial bacteria colonize the gravel bed and provide biological filtration, using the substrate of the aquarium itself as a biological filter.