This image shows both types of airlifts. They will both work fine, but the home made one will save money. This makes a difference when you are starting your farm

We want to remind you how important it is to us to share information about Coral Farming with as many people as possible. As our hobby grows in other countries, such as China, the number of reef tanks will explode. When thousand of new reef tanks are set up each week the demand for wild corals could grow enough so that more and more of the wild reef is damaged. Farming in the ocean will help some, but there will be a cost in energy used to ship the products.

Each market can grow a large part of the corals used in that country. This will help make jobs in each of these markets. It is important to use ocean farmed and local corals for your brood stock. These corals are hardy enough to be farmed, becaused they are strong enough to make into the hobby. Many types of wild collected corals do not live well in captivity. These corals are harvested over and over to replace the ones that die. Your small farm can make a difference, so enjoy your new job.