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If you are planning to have a coral farm the very best time to buy your broodstock is now!

This is the next lesson in our lowest cost possible, energy saving coral farm project. We are building this system from materials that can be found in most areas for free or at a very low cost. Free is better:)

All of the tanks are made from food grade plastics. All watering tanks are food grade and many other plastic containers will work just fine. The bathtubs were only one doller each because they were scratched, but this does not effect them for our use. All sizes of aquariums can be added to the system by using siphons like the ones we teach you to make in this lesson.

This system is being built before we build the green house cover, because we are not sure what it will grow into.

We will show you all the ways you can start coral farming. As Sally Jo says "you start by just starting." If you wait to do it perfect you may wait too long.

The old wise man asks " when is the best time to plant a shade tree?" He then says that it is 20 years ago, but the second best time is NOW.