The best way to feed corals internal algae is by feeding a large school of fish.
The fish waste is recycled by the organisms in the Garf Grunge. This is also time to replace the PODS - coral food plankton - by adding more GARF Grungetm to your system. We will give you 2 pounds of our new Grunge Plustm FREE WITH ANY ORDER so your PODS have a place to hide and reproduce.

When feeding corals you want to have extra hermit crabs and snails in your aquarium, because they're able to clean up all the excess food and waste products. You can feed your corals more than you would if you didn't have the scavengers keep in the tank clean. Hermits crabs from Mexico are especially good because they don't hurt the snails, and they can get in every crack and crevice and eat the algae and the diatoms. They will clean up any leftover food

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