To all of our GARF fans and of course all of our new visitors, welcome to our forever growing web site. LeRoy often jokes that it is the longest web site in the World. When introducing myself I often say HI this is Sally Jo or Hi this is Mrs. GARF, for you either will do. Welcome to just another day at the office, I say this with a huge chuckle in my heart for there is no such thing as just another day at the office.

As the years fly by I can honestly say that at GARF there are no two days just alike and the only thing that can be expected is the unexpected. This makes my role at GARF very diverse, I am more then just a coral cutter, order packer, bug collector, rock maker, janitor, fish farmer, Oh the list of job titles roll on.

I have to be absolutely honest with everyone reading this post, the one task that I always put my foot down and swore from the top of my head to the bottom of my big toe that I would never do was stick my mouth over the horrible siphon hoses, or stick it any where near my mouth. I have personally witnessed the faces LeRoy makes when the tank water is going over and he accidently sucks a little to hard and he spits the water out and then coughs as some of that salt water seeps down his throat.

Now you and I know that when duty calls, as when the tanks are overflowing there is not time to think about where that hose was last, or which side should go in the water and which side is for the mouth, and dare I imagine whose mouth was on that hose last. I was the one constantly yelling to LeRoy we have another flood, and I would quickly find a siphon hose and dutifully hand if over to LeRoy, Having shared this little secret with you I am not talking about days that I swore off the siphon hose, Oh no not even weeks, or months but many years.

Throughout this time LeRoy has been so patience with me, taking the time to show me how to magically make the floods go away but each time he sucked air from the siphon there would be water that he had to spit out of his mouth and that cough came as some of it accidently seeped down his throat. As the years continue to pass by and as GARF's tanks continued to grow, the need to learn how to stop the floods, was becoming more important. There are so many reasons why one would need to learn how to siphon ones tank, for not only is there a flood when the power goes off, it happens when the overflow box gets clogged, or one of our janitors, (the snails are usually the guilty one) get caught in a tube, when performing a water change, needing to change water fast and believe it or not my list of reasons day by day, month by month, year by year keep mounting.

I have often wondered why in the World there is not a seminar on how to safely siphon water, having meetings for the beginners, the practiced and if your like LeRoy the expert. To have the time to practice at each level the beginner would be able to suck on the tube without any water involved, the practiced could work with only fresh water and of course the expert would have to work the siphon with salt water in the Garf grunge systems. OK I am sure by now you have the idea of how much I have dreaded the day that I would have to, take this plunge into my reef experience. The way that I was able to resist the siphon hose for years was not at all an easy task, for you would find me bailing out water by the pitcher full and often times I was not able to keep up as fast as the flood.