Hi this is Sally Jo and welcome to this New Year. You know it seems as if Spring to LeRoy begins earlier and earlier each year. As soon as the brightness of daylight lingers a little longer each day he is certain Spring is here. I hate reminding him that it is only January and he still has a couple of months before we can really plan our fish and coral spawning adventures.

Sometimes I think that he thinks if he looks at the fish long enough they will be convinced it is spring as well, but when the long cold nights hit they look at me as if to say "Mom he tricked us again". This before spring energy is a welcome sight to me for new ideas are hatched right along with all of new generations of fish and corals.

I have to admit that at GARF there is another sure sign it is spring. LeRoy brings in spring finding every dry inch of ground and puts it to water use. I hear his plans unfolding in his dreams as he sleeps. Each staff member has no idea what his simple requests for them will be, but he is sure to keep them busy.

cyanobacteria spring and summer

At GARF we have been bringing you some fun rock making projects for you and your family to enjoy. Making your own rock and leaving the live rock in the ocean alone is the best thing for our wild reefs.

It has become increasingly clear to us that it is also the best solution for your captive reef as well. You do not have the die off from the live rock, you do not get all the unwanted pests, you are creating a lasting memory that you will enjoy for countless years to come. You can sleep at night knowing you are not a part of the blasting and breaking up of our wild reefs.

You will save so much money and headaches from no tank cycling, having success from day one with your captive reef tank.


You can watch anxiously for the very first speck of coralline algae to seed on to your man made rock and spread throughout. You can watch anxiously for the captive raised corals to grow and spread on to your man made rock. You can watch anxiously as you create the reef tank of your dreams.

You can watch anxiously as the fish find their perfect hiding place and protect it from any unwanted visitors.

You can watch anxiously when sharing your captive reef tank with your friends, inspiring them to care, love, nurture and understand our wild reefs.


Currently, LeRoy has been making curing vats for all the rock he is making or should I say breaking:) He has such a hard time waiting for the newly created rocks to set enough before uncovering. He laughs his incredible laugh as yet another rock is broken before its time. I then hear him declare this is a new perfect shape.

Before each day ends at GARF, certainly we have all been running in a dozen different direction, with our hearts always focused on the BIG picture. The focus remains to teach everyone we know how they can help us save our beloved reefs.

zoanthids pallythoa
One very important reminder for you is to take pictures. Each day is so precious, and all they are tomorrow is memories. If you start this rock making project now, by fall you will hardly be able to see any rock. They will be covered by creatures from the deep.

As day light gets longer, algae starts to grow faster. Now is the time to add more reef janitors. The Emerald crabs are one of the important things to add to your reef, because they eat many hard to kill algae before they takes over. Cuba18 copy
It is time for me to say goodbye, but before I go I have some food for thought. Please take to heart my message, if I can do this so can you. Because we feel this message is one of the most important ones we are trying to convey, we have made a new product. We call it the rock making kit. This kit has all the dry ingredients, except the Carib Sea, and all you have to add is the water.
Cuba18 copy