Aquarium rental and maintenance business

There are profits that can be earned by starting an aquarium rental and maintenance business.You may be able to start this business for less than $5000 and you can run it from your home office.

aquarium rental and maintenance business

There are many reasons for starting this business on a small scale and slowly growing. It is important that you learn as you go. One of your best customers may be the doctors office that you visit or someplace else that has a reception area. You will be able to tell if their tanks are not very clean. Please remember to keep your day job and remember again to start slow!

Who would rent tropical fish and aquariums ?

The list is long; if you think about waiting rooms. The list of potential clients is large just think of lawyers, doctors, restaurants, and homes. When you ready, and you become established this business could make up to $50,000 a year.
This is the aquarium you hope to find; you can fix it in two hours.

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There are some things that are necessary and we will talk about just what you need to get started a small home based aquarium rental and maintenance business. This project you can be a learning experience for the students to get the business license. The license doesn't cost much. Here it is $25 a year unless you plan on having a retail store.

You will also need a special tax identification number and this is simple to get. In most states it doesn't cost more than $25 to acquire the tax ID. You must contact the local and state governments to set up your business.

The Diatom filter is one of the things that you need to buy. You will use it all the time.
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What are the first things that you need for your small business?

Business cards are needed.

One of the most interesting cards I've seen for a maintenance business is an algae removing card like a credit card that is made from thick plastic. This would be something that you would give to potential customers who have aquariums in their office. The people who have aquariums may not be happy with their regular cleaning company. You will also have your regular business cards which you and your 20 closest friends will hand out to everyone. You can buy 5000 cards now for about $69 .

Design your letterhead

You will need to design your letterhead, and it needs to look professional. This will be a good time to teach students about a page layout program on the computer. These are the letterheads commonly used for sales letters, and correspondence sales promotions. The first impressions are critical, and you want a letterhead that looks nice; it should be printed on nice paper.

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Design a brochure

You also need to help the students design a brochure that can be left with the office personnel. The one to sell the contract to is the office manager or the nurse. When you go to this business you want to present a professional appearance. You need to have your haircut and you have to have formal business clothes. You certainly don't want to show up an old T-shirt for an appointment.

For the students who clean the tanks you can get nice uniforms so that each member of your team looks the same. Matching golf shirts would be a good way to show your professionalism to the nurse, secretary, or doctor. They will see that the people working on their tank care about the details. You will need to train the students to act professionally when they are working.

One of the challenges of starting an aquarium rental and maintenance service is finding your first customers.

The first research project that you need to do before you start the small business is to find out who has aquariums in public. Ask about office aquariums in the pet shops. Have the students set up a little workshop and call all of the doctors and lawyers and offices in the phonebook. and just ask them if they have an aquarium. Put down their answer on the list and then call the next person. On the second call you will ask them if they are cleaning their own aquarium, or are they using a service.Tell the students to think of other ways to find the places with aquariums, They will find ways to use facebook, twitter and youtube.

Make friends with the local pet stores that do not do the aquarium rental and maintenance. Ask if they can passout some of your business cards. Make friends with the people who work at the stores and they become your unpaid salesman. It is always good to have people talk about your service. If someone has a problem with thier tank the people in the store could say just call the maintenance company.

One of the ways you can advertise your services is with the newspaper in your local city, but this can prove to be very expensive. The more modern way to have your service in front of people is to design your own website. You can use a service such as craigslist in your own town.

One of the most important things is you want your name and the information on each of your display tanks in public. You can have your card somewhere on the tank, so people can find just who's making it look so good. Plan on having stickers that you can leave on or around your tanks.

Finding new clients can be difficult but if you use a simple techniques you'll be able to find the potential customers in your market place. You may not want to travel out of you city or school district.

Finding customers is difficult. Your area may have more competitors. Some people haven't had good luck with aquariums before, so you want to give the names of several happy customers who have said thy would not mind if people called them.

Keeping customers happy involves much more than simply cleaning their aquariums.

It is important to put in the extra effort. Maintaining a top-notch service can include service hours. It may be important that your students don't come to the business when they are open. You crew could come earlier or later. Some places may want you to do all of your work on a Saturday when the office cleaning crew is there.

It's very important that your customers have a phone number that is working 24 hours a day. You could have a cell phone number that is answered by one of the students.You will find out the things happen to aquariums at the most unexpected times. You don't expect something to go wrong, but the customer wants to be able to get in touch with someone as soon as they notice something wrong with the aquarium.