There is a large Capnella in this aquarium that can be cut each month; this and the other colonies are one of the most important types of soft corals you can grow.
These are one of my favorite corals, because they sell really well. There are so many different colors now. This is one coral that the color improves as it lives longer in captivity
These mother colonies are grown in the large aquarium, and we harvest fragments from them each month to put in the coral specials.

These are some of the great Capnellas we have in this weeks coral special. These soft corals are very easy to grow and propagate. There are many colors in our tanks. These capnella get more blue and green as they mature.


These corals are good ones to attach to AragocreteTM live rocks because they grow so fast. We are making some rocks with several colors of small Zoanthids and two or three of these corals. One of the carals is growing in the middle of a patch of Zoanthids and they both are doing fine. We have learned that many of the soft corals are not stung on the stalk because it tends to get harder than the polyps. Are favorite combination is a soft coral such a Sarcophyton and green stars.