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GARF 125 gallon soft coral reef

Sally jo's note:
The gift of caring for these amazing animals in our homes, and being able to watch them 24 hours a day is probably the biggest saving grace to our remarkable wild reefs. We can watch them 24/7, we can share, we can explore and never stop trying to meet the needs of the animals that can give back so much love to all of us.

We can learn which animals can live next to each other, placement in tank, lighting needs, and soon we will see more captive spawning. If we can go to the Moon, I think we should be able to save these amazing animals that live under our waters.

No way can the Scientists play in the wild reefs 24/7 and learn as much as we can. Ask questions and seek out answers. Again I say we have such a huge responsibility, and we can take such pride in the accomplishments we are making. It is time now for the hobbyist to reach out to the Marine Biologists, to begin networking, building teams, and farms both wild and captive.

I say this because I want all of you to understand it does not take a million dollars, a degree or a vast amount of experience. I want you all to understand this simple message, if I can do this so can you.

This is everything every one told me could not be done. I do not share this because I am better than you or better than anyone. I want to give you the priceless gift LeRoy gave me when he gave me the empty tank so many years a ago.

MUCH more soon :)