From: Jim
Date: 2007/10/13 Sat PM 09:22:02 EDT
To: [email protected]
Subject: thank you thank you!

Dear Sally Jo, Leroy and everyone else at Garf,
I just finally got a moment to write to you and thank you, just how great my reef is now that I follow your Bullet proof system! You all are great, and I am sharing your web site with everyone I meet, wanting to start a reef system, or has one. I have also spoke about you at the local fish store, and boast about how wonderful my tank is now.

I have tried now for 5 years with many many systems, and so many different regiments, too many to mention, some working ok and most not. The end results were always the same, poor water quality, and animals dying, not to mention the amount of money on water testing, test kits, one chemical after another. Only to have the same result...Failure.
Finally I found your web site, but it still took me at least a year, until I set up a small 25 gal. to finally try it your way.

Why oh Why did I wait so long! My 25 gal is incredible! I purchased your grunge, and now follow the SeaChem regiment, and it is unbelievable! I have coralline algae growing on every rock , sides and back of tank, power heads, snails, with colors I have never seen at any local fish store. I have brilliant purples, all shades, and the most beautiful pinks I have ever seen, as well as green, which my tang loves to pick at, not sure if there is a benefit to her but she loves doing it only at the green.

As far as my corals, it is amazing the growth, and self propagation that goes on in this tank, in fact the corals have taken over ever rock and space in my tank. I must send you some pictures, it is really amazing. The other thing I love is...I never test my water. Except for regular hydrometer test.

When I first started my tank I called Leroy and was ready to do a total water change because after a week or two using the seachem , I tested my water, and the calcium level was reading off the chart. Leroy told me stop testing my water and look at your animals, if they are looking good and I am following the bullet proof method, then all should be fine. And it has been! Honestly I do not check for PH, Nitrite, Nitrate, NOTHING, and I have not lost one coral, or fish in 1 year. Oh except for some hermit crabs.. but everything in this small 25 gal, is healthy, and growing like crazy!

I am now ready to set up a 75 gal in my new home, and I am cutting my plenum out ready to get things started. I will be ordering your Aragocretetm Cave Arches and your grunge, to get things going. I am so excited to see how wonderful this system works in a larger tank.

Again many thanks and bless you all for the wonderful work you are doing to save our natural reefs. Sally Jo you especially are in my prayers, and I am so glad I got to speak to you the 1st time I call Garf, your enthusiasm, and the love of what you do came through the phone and made me a believer in your method. I thank you , you have given me such joy, every time I look at my tank...and that is all the time.

Thank you all,
Ocala, Fl.