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Corals are Clogged up

This video will show you a part of this reef, and we will look at this several times in the future. You will be able to see this short video with the expanded images as we grow this project for the next summer. I hope that if you have any tank problems you might like to join our research. Please just send me some pictures. I'll be looking forward to talking to you for minute, and if it's okay I would like to start a webpage demonstration video on how to treat the problem that you have. WE will feature your reef, and we will protect your privacy.

Now we will learn about this reef aquarium in lesson Diversity 1a.

This reef tank had several problems. The first one was that the soft corals were covered with a brown film, and I noticed it looked like a fungus and Diatoms. I had them wash the corals off with the turkey baster, and this really made a big difference as you can see in the other pictures.

This video will teach you about controlling reef aquarium algae.