We want to thank those of you who have sent us pictures of your reef aquariums. This week we are featuring a great reef that belongs to Mark DeFrancisco. We have found several Sally Jo's corals in these images that we want to trade for as soon as possible.

The Orange Ricordidia and the Dirk's green and orange Zoanthid will trade for my rarest new corals as soon as Mark is ready. Yes, I still have dozens of corals that will not be for sale for several years, BUT I DO TRADE:)

Mark DeFrancisco'S Reef

Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2003 21:49:57 -0500
From: Mark DeFrancisco
X-Priority: 3

Hello Leroy,

Just sitting around on a very cold January day and thought I'd drop you a line. Thank you very much for all of the great corals in my recent order. You always come up with something that I never would expect. The colors on the Lemnalia are breathtaking!!  

Thanks to my buddy Leonel for talking me into trying the predatory type corals!  They are GREAT!!! Now I just have to have more.

I took some new pictures and I am sending them so you can have something to do when the weather is bad. (Sorry there are so many, but I'm a proud Papa) I saw on your website some great pictures of plating Montiporas. Mine are really starting to grow fast! Everything is. These plating corals are real cool because they are multiplying like wildfire. And the colors are so bright. I'm glad I have some different colors. All of a sudden they got in high gear all at once.

Guess I'll be farming soon.

I've got to admit, when I first received those little SPS chips and dabs of coral flesh glued on a plug, I had no idea how fast they would grow. And all the changes they go through on their way to adulthood! Some tiny pieces that were fingernail size are now bigger than my fist.

As you can see, the Xenia area is bigger than my butt! There are at least five different types all growing together. It is a beautiful sight. Been cutting back the pink creeper.  I can't believe a beautiful Xenia grows so fast that it can become a pain!

I talk corals, and reef tanks all of the time with people all over the USA. It seems GARF has become the very top in the field. Every reef tank store and coral distributor sing your praises.

I don't know if you are aware, but you guys have become icons in the industry. And your fabulous website is by far the very best and informative reef / coral site in the whole world. And it is world renowned!

Any one, any where, who has a reef aquarium and does not avail themselves of your services is never going to be as successful as those who are faithful followers! The proof is in the pictures!

All of your loyalists have the most outstandingly beautiful and successful reefs. There are nice reef tanks all over the place, but a GARF tank really stands out! I am sure glad that I joined the GARF team. My tank was never anywhere close to what it has now become.

I know that you are well aware but, you can't describe the faces of "reef tank experts" when I tell them that I have over 500 different corals in a 90 gallon tank! I know they don't believe it at all until I whip out some pictures. Then they grab them and run around showing everyone in the store. Gotta love it!

Well, thanks again for all of everything!!! You, Sally Jo, Leonel, and Norm are great friends and I am very glad to say so! I'll be talking to you all soon, so get some devastating pieces ready! Best of health and much success to ya'll this New Year!!!! You deserve it!

Mark DeFrancisco

Mark DeFrancisco's wonderful reef


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