Scott's Large Polyp Stony Corals

This page shows my two favorite Large Polyps Stony corals that I have in my tank. All of the corals shown have grown to this size under Normal Output (NO) Fourescent lighting.

Caulastrea (Trumpet Coral)

This is one of the many trumpet corals I have gotten from GARF. It is one of the neatest corals to watch grow. A single polyp will start to slowly elongate and then split into two polyps. This coral currently has 12 polyps and none of the trumpet corals I brought home had more than two polyps.

Pineapple Coral

This pineapple coral resembles zoanthids but has a hard skeleton. The polyps have almost completely covered the top of the plug it is on. I plan on cutting it off of the plug and mounting it to a flat rock to see if it will spread out like zoanthids do.