Scott's Soft Corals

This page shows most of the soft corals I have in my tank. All of the corals shown have grown to this size under Normal Output (NO) Fourescent lighting.


You can see the plug this coral is mounted on. It is a very fast grower. Once it reached its current size, I noticed that it was dropping frags off of its branches. There are many of its babies all over the tank.


One of the best growers of all the corals. It has been propagated many times. I have found that it recovers better from propagation if it is pruned, rather than taking most of the head. It also drops off branches at this size. If you look closely on it's right side you can see a new baby attached on the Aragocrete rock next to it.


One of the neatest corals in the tank. This very temperamental coral likes to be by itself. If another coral is touching it, it will shrivel up and turn a hideous bluish green color.


This is the first Sarcophyton I ever placed in the tank. It is a very slow grower. After almost 3 years, it is about 2 inches across. The giant hairy green mushrooms came out of my sister's Nano reef where they took up half the tank.


This coral is about nine inches across and is by far the largest coral in the tank. It is mounted on a rock that is placed in a hole in an Aragocrete table. This allows me to remove it when it needs fragged. It is an extremely fast grower that has been propagated many times. Sarcophytons are toxic and should be removed from the tank when propagated.

Green Star Polyps

This is one of the hardest corals for me to grow. I just haven't gotten it right yet.

Finger Leather

This is the first coral ever in my tank. I went over to a friend’s, that got me interested in the hobby, and watched him frag it with a razor blade. It is a very slow growing coral and is very picky about where it is placed. I have found it does best when sitting on the bottom of the tank with a lot of current flow.

Green Polyp Sarcophyton

This coral originally came from my sister's nano reef. It had out grown her tank and needed a new home. It is also a picky coral and like a lot of current flow.