This slide is of course shows Eddie Postma's sculptures. They are so beautiful! It is amazing the way the fish swim through the holes. Corals can be glued where you want them, and the corals that are grown on Reef Plugs fit into the holes.

There are many reasons why we started the project of making our own rock, and I have shared this in many of my past articles. One reason was because when I set up my very first reef tank live rock harvesting in the US oceans had just become illegal.

The only rock you could get from inside the USA was aquaculture rock. Much of this was rock that came from another country and it was dumped in the US oceans for harvesting when aged and covered with marine organizations. The best of it is beautiful, and it brings forth many gifts.


I on the other hand was young to the reef world, and I was asking so many questions. Over and over again I heard that the wild reefs were dying and they needed protection. Of course my next questions centered around why are they dying. The answer I heard was bleaching, it is still the answer I continue to hear.

I ask LeRoy is there any way that we can set up a tank without taking anything from the ocean. My concern at the time was to not introduce something from the wild that could wipe out what we were trying to achieve in captivity.

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