No one could really tell me what bleaching was, just that it was devastating, I decided not to take that risk. We began to make our own rock; the first ones did not look as wonderful as Eddie's. As a matter of fact none of us can make rock as beautiful as Eddie's. What I found that by not using rock from the ocean I did not have to fight algae, Aiptasia, Mantis Shrimp, and other pests.


I did have to wait for my rock to come to life. It is so hard for me to remember back on those days. I some how have learned to take that for granted, until, I read an e-mail, or watch someone set up a new tank. By starting the live rock with Garf GrungeTM I did get all the little gifts like sponges, Roitifers, and many hardy types of coralline algae that colored the rock. However the money I save not having to fight pests is truly amazing.

The rock that Eddie makes gives the new reefs a stable light weight foundation. When you have this type of foundation the reef does not fall over later.