Eddie is quite funny; he does not like anyone messing in his rock yard. He hates it when his shovel is not found exactly where he left it. I mean if you move it just 6 inches he knows that someone's been playing in his rock yard. He absolutely loves to make people believe he is simply cranky,

When LeRoy thinks we are getting too low on our rock pile he will send a victim out to make rock (Eddies been grumbling that we have plenty of rock). Eddie pretends that he hates teaching others how to make the rock, but each time his students arrive early the next day to uncover their handy work Eddie is very proud.


Nothing sets Eddie off like that and it's not long before GARF has a whole pond full of all kinds and shapes of rock. I could dedicate a whole story to just Eddie, he has captured a special spot in my heart.

Every time I think I have come to understand Eddie, he proves to me that I have to dig a little further into my soul to grasp the energy he releases. He is a talented artist and a vital member of the GARF team.