We do sell Eddie's AragocreteTM sculptures. This fully cured rock is shipped over night. These light weight scupltures are 5.00 per pound delivered. We pay the freight and you have your rock the next day. Garf has taught hundreds of people to make Aragocrete. Eddie's rock is in so many tanks that I think it is safe to say that we have saved at least 20,000 pounds of rock from being harvested from the wild.

We seed the man made rock with our famous GARF Grunge. Please take a moment and read all about our Bullet Proof Reef tanks if you have not already. SALLY JO'S COMPLETE BULLET PROOF REEF RECIPE


With wild harvested live rock I found that the shapes were not as pretty as we could make ourselves. They are often heavy, and they are not necessarily cared for in transport.

I have set up three bulletproof reef systems side by side in my office. The oldest one is turning seven years old. There are so many corals that you can no longer see the beauty of the rock; as a matter of fact you can hardly see any water :)

I will tell you now 8 years later, I believe that both aquaculture rock and man made rock are important.