GRANDFATHERS REEF GARF's Share your reef project

slide changes in 60 seconds is continuing our education programs with a new project for youngsters everywhere who are lucky enough to know a reef keeper.

We honestly feel that the time one spends with their children and grandchildren give them some of the most important and precious memories they will carry with them throughout their life. The Indians say that the Maker of All Things does not subtract this time from our lives. We decided that we have one of the most exciting and rewarding programs that will bring the generations together. This project can as educate both young and old.

At GARF we take nothing from the ocean, we start our reef systems with making our own rock allowing the natural reef rocks to stay in the ocean where they belong. While forming the shapes of our rock sculptures we make each piece by hand only making them larger or smaller depending on the size system we intend to use them in. So are basic shapes are arches, caves and tables.