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Then one day LeRoy decided he wanted our staff to practice making rock in the form of the letters of the alphabet. The staff in turn looked at him as if they did not believe his request. They went on with what they were doing. It wasn't long before LeRoy reentered the office and asked the staff how many Y's they had made. They looked at him in disbelief, he in turn informed them that he had just finished making 20 Z's.The staff rolled up their sleeves and quickly started to make rock with great delight. I could hear them laughing and plotting their next letter.

About one hour later the staff came into the office and ask LeRoy to come and see their creative side of his request. All I could hear was the roar of laughter and LeRoy screaming to me to come see. I was amazed to see the letters GARF in our famous beach boxes. I praised them for inspiration and could hardly wait for the rock to cure so that we could place it into one of our reef tanks.