GRANDFATHERS REEF GARF's Share your reef project

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Our staff had a very difficult time waiting for the rock formation to set, and they broke it while unpacking it for curing. I pulled out my trusty super glue and you could not see the crack where the rock had come apart. We began to count the curing days and at the end of a very long six weeks we pulled the GARF rock out and placed it into our show tanks.

We took little cutting of Zoanthids, Palythoa, Mushrooms, Xenia and other corals and glued them to each letter. In about six months time the rock became completely covered with corals and you could no longer see the individual letters.

In this program we want to challenge you to invite your children to express their creativity. This will give you a chance to teach them the importance of the wild reefs and your reasons for making your own rock.

We think this is a unique way for you to teach your children the value of writing their own letters. The youngest can learn how to write their name and they all can be artists at the same time.