I have to admit that at GARF there is another sure sign it is spring. LeRoy brings in spring finding every dry inch of ground and puts it to water use. I hear his plans unfolding in his dreams as he sleeps. Each staff member has no idea what his simple requests for them will be, but he is sure to keep them busy.

Currently, LeRoy has been making curing vats for all the rock he is making or should I say breaking:) He has such a hard time waiting for the newly created rocks to set enough before uncovering. He laughs his incredible laugh as yet another rock is broken before its time. I then hear him declare this is a new perfect shape.

Before each day ends at GARF, certainly we have all been running in a dozen different direction, with our hearts always focused on the BIG picture. The focus remains to teach everyone we know how they can help us save our beloved reefs.