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Mikie decided he was going to recruit not only the students who attend his school, but all the visitors he could plead into rolling up their sleeves and helping with the project. Who in their right mind would not want to spend the day with Mikie the Manatee, Chloe the most beautiful mermaid, Amity the growing sea turtle, and all other classmates?
The goal for this event is to take away some of the stress that pollution is causing in the ocean environment by picking up all trash that was left behind. It is equally important to teach all who enter our precious beaches that we all have a responsibility to protect them, guard them and keep them safe for all who want to play in this magical outdoor classroom known as our wild reefs.

You start this project with your box half full of CaribSea gravel. You find a plastic bottle that will make your cave opening. Cut the bottle in half so you have two parts. We can make two small rocks using both ends. I often bend the bottle so the opening is not round, but this is just my personal choice.