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GEOTHERMAL AQUACULTURE RESEARCH FOUNDATION When each person makes their very first rock, they can either take it home to start their very own captive reef tank, or they can add it to our reseeding the reef rock beds projects. Today is the best time to start, for if we all work together to save this Planet we will win this battle. If we choose to wait for our neighbors, our friends, or our Government it will simply be too late. It is our hope that when we pass from this World we leave only the smallest of footprints, yet leave huge hearts, brave souls, and growing brains dedicated to preserving the environment for many generations to come.


Steven Overs is the newest rock artist trained by Edward Postma, and he is inventing new types of rocks each week. The bottle rocks™ are Sally Jo's newest creation, and you will be seeing more about these fun rocks this semester.