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MIKIE'S BOTTLE ROCKS - Make your own
GARF's newest rock making project is inspired and described by Mikie the Manatee, and it is shared through the hearts of all who enter the Mermaid and Ocean School. This weekend Mikie has planned for all the students who attend the Mermaid and Ocean School to clean each others habitat. Trash seemed to be everywhere, especially during the summer months, when the weather starts heating up and school was out for the summer.

So many visitors come to play at the beaches, yet they tend to forget to follow some of the most important rules of the beach. Rule one is to leave no trash behind, for plastic bags left unattended fly away in the wind and catch around many of the most cherished birds, fish and corals. This often leads to their early demise.


Mix your aragaready mix with 4 parts of CaribSea™ gravel You can add water slowly to make a stiff slurry. This project works best if your mix holds its shape when place it on the gravel.