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Mikie declared, I am so proud to be a part of this team. We are dedicated to finding new fun and successful ways to interact with our oceans. We can do this best while teaching all who will listen the do's and don'ts along the way.

As Mikie and the other volunteers created new rocks, Molly the teacher and Grandmother Manatee formed ideas on how to design recycling bins and make it fun and rewarding for the public to get involved. People will think twice before just leaving trash for others to pick up. Children will frown at their Moms and Dads, if trash is left behind. We must remember the Oceans are everyone's backyard.

All of a sudden Molly screamed with excitement! All the volunteers came running to find out what in the World Molly was screaming about. Molly shouted, I just had an epiphany. We can teach our rock making projects to all who visit our homes. This way visitors witness first hand the positive impact this project carries. We can teach them important rules to follow while visiting our oceans. This will make their visit rewarding, and make them understand that this is our home. We love sharing it with everyone, for it will take everyone to help us save this resource.


Now you add your next layer of gravel to top of your rock. We will put one more layer of aragacrete mix on top of the layer of gravel.