This is the wonderful Bali two color pulsing Xenia. This coral can grow into a giant if the reef stays cool for an entire year. We have had colonies of this Xeina with stalks that were over 5 inches wide. The polyps of this Xenia pulse almost 100 percent of the time.

We use the timers on one of the power heads in each system so the Xenia is exposed to both high and low water movement. During the time when the water flow is slower the Xenia pulses very strongly. We are certain that these corals use the slime they produce to trap organic material.

We have found that this coral produces a very large amount of slime and this may be one of the reasons it is so hard to ship large colonies. This slime may produce toxins when it is consumed by bacteria in the closed bag.

We have had the best luck shipping small colonies of this coral that have been stressed and washed in reef water for several hours before they are sealed in the bags.