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We use two types of grunge in each reef. In the main tank Garf Grunge Original™ is used. In new tanks we use one pound for each 3 gallons. We also use it to revitalize old tanks, and we add one pound for each 5 gallons of water.

Garf Grunge Original™ has the worlds best strains of bacteria sponges and micro invertebrates.

We have been working for years to build a product that has a very good track record. Many people reorder and seventy percent of our orders are repeat customers. We thank all of them for their support! The Garf Grunge Original™ is the most important one to add when you are starting a new tank. It is a small gravel size, and it is full of very beneficial bacteria, coralline, and micro invertebrates. You do not have to be member of PAYPAL to use the buttons below! The grunge buttons are BUY IT NOW buttons, because each special fills the box. You get the best deal using the buy it now buttons below.

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We have the finest refugium animals and plants and we have put these specials together for you. These products will make your reef aquarium very stable, and the bacteria and micro inverts will feed on the waste from your tank. They also make a great source of food for your reef.



 This video shows you Sally Jo's Garf Diversity™ Bag-o-Copepods and explains why you need to add several different types of Copepods to your system.

02/01/12 Learn how to make siphons for your coral farm.Videos and text


My tank after 4 months is doing incredible following the methods outlined by GARF to Leroy
show details Apr 18 2011 (2 days ago)
My tank after 4 months is doing incredible following the methods outlined by GARF,
Leroy is the nicest and most helpful person I have ever dealt with,
and the web site is amazing! I have attached some photos

Thank you again


04/13/11 You can see our newest page. Reef aquarium research project .Diversity™ Cleaning the fungus from 36 gallon reef reef #1. You can watch from day one as we bring a reef to life.


This is Ned's link.  

Here is one of the emails that touched me today!
I do remember the dial up modems, and you think my pages load slow now:)



LeRoy is an expert on reef algae control. We will help you get your reef aquarium ready for Spring. If you have red slime, diatoms, or green hair algae we can help you with our healthy, hardy Algae Loving Snails and our Mexican Red Leg Hermit Crabs.


We have placed several new ways for you to purchase Reef Janitors™ and Garf Grunge™ on this page. Diatom Algae Control

Please try our new order buttons so we can learn how to make them better. The buttons allow you to use paypal, Visa, or Master card. You will get extra stuff with every order!


This video will show you Diatom algae control

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Use this link to clean your reef and

Red Leg Hermit Crabs

Algae Loving Snails

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You can always send us E-Mail at: Thank you!!


Watch this update of Sally Jo's reef challenge # 2. It shows how she is growing so many corals in each reef. We now have 156 tanks here at so we are busy this winter.



GEOTHERMAL AQUACULTURE RESEARCH FOUNDATION6/5/10 - LeRoy's money and time saving "GARF LIGHTS" upgrade plan



Learn more about GARF Grunge plustm



GARF'S - STAY IN SCHOOL BUS - This is our most important project and you can help.