Acropora Growth with 40 watt bulbs

The 524kb Shockwave movie below shows 25 days of growth for one of my favorite SPS corals. I started taking pictures of the coral each day starting September 1st, 2001. It is a fast growing redish brown coral with baby blue tips. The coral started out as a 1/2 inch frag, I brought home from GARF. This coral's home is a 120 gallon reef tank with 280 watts (currently seven 40 watt bulbs) of light. If you look at the stag coral in the background you can get an idea of the growth it has also.


Scott Morell
GARF Volunteer

If you have a super slow connection like I do out here in the sticks (26400 on a good day) it will take a while to load. If it doesn't load let me know.

Here is a 1.6 meg Quick Time movie of the nearly the same thing