Manmade rock is now plentifully available and can come in custom made shapes and sizes.

In fact, it is possible to make your own rock; information is available on GARF’s website. The rock sold by the Geothermal Aquaculture Reef Foundation has interlocking holes so the aquarist can custom-make any formation and have places to put plugs of coral when he/she is ready to do so. Also, because GARF rock is made of porous aragocrete, there are plenty of spaces for bacteria, tiny shrimp, beneficial worms and many more organisms to live.

After the rock is safely in place, you’ll want to install several Maxi Jet power heads. Yuo can use the Bullet Proof Reef Calculator to calculate the number needed. These power heads will circulate the water through the tank and break the surface of the water. The sand bed on the bottom of the aquarium requires an inflow of nutrients and chemicals-oxygen, nitrogenous wastes-and the power heads provide this circulation. One powerhead should be installed on the white pipe of the plenum, another pointed in the opposite direction to add current going both ways. More power heads should be installed wherever they will create the most water flow; with only two power heads there will be often corners of the aquarium where water is relatively still. It is important the one of the power heads break the surface in order to mix water and oxygen.


Bullet Proof Reef Calculator